Product Description

The product range covers the military industry, new energy, graphene, special pump industry and precision component processing.

  • KTZ38X32SQS

    Name Motor Controller Model KTZ38X32SQS Working voltage Rated 380V, working voltage range (320V~450V)...

  • TZ240XS35QS

    QS35A Name Permanent magnet synchronous motor Model TZ240XS35QS Rated power (KW) 35 Peak power (KW) 5...

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Show of Power

2000 square R & D center, 6000 square high-tech factory, to create high-end manufacturing enterprises

Research and Development · Production

The Group has strong processing capabilities in the field of precision manufacturing. For new product development, an independent team analyzes drawings and processes. From product drawings to the entire product, there is a relatively complete technical management, quality control and production management system support.

In the field of new energy vehicle drive systems and high-end pump products, the R&D team has extensive R&D and production experience. The R&D team is experienced and constantly pursuing the ultimate in custom development, product validation and volume production. Combining advanced simulation analysis capabilities and manufacturing processes, the R&D team has a fast response speed, high output efficiency and rapid sample preparation, which can be well matched with the customer's design plan, and the product performance reaches the industry's first-class level.

Testing Equipment

With advanced measurement system, including measuring and measuring instrument, photoelectric contact dual-use tachometer, electric control cabinet, altimeter, 2.5-dimensional, manual secondary, three-dimensional and other testing equipment.

Quality Management

According to the advanced technical requirements of the R&D team, complete laboratory and measurement systems, including a large number of experimental equipment such as smoke tester, comprehensive tester, air tightness tester, dynamic balance machine and environmental laboratory, each product It is the completion of precision measurement, and in the enterprise competition, to achieve greater customer satisfaction.

Manufacturing Capacity

Providing solutions for precision component processing, new energy drive systems, special pumps and graphene heavy-duty coatings for customers worldwide.

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Publish the latest company news, industry news, customer visits and other information

About Quansheng

Founded in 2015, Quansheng Group is headquartered in Shenzhen, China, and is a research, development, production and sales headquarters. In addition, in addition to the Shenzhen headquarters, the group has two other R&D centers in Xi'an and Ningbo, and sales branches in Beijing and Anhui. After years of development, the Group has expanded from a single business model to diversified operations. Quansheng Group has strong strength. At present, its core business is the development, production and sales of military and civilian products. The business scope covers military, new energy, graphene, special pump industry, precision component processing and other fields, and gradually expands into logistics, bio-pharmaceutical, independent brand research and development, production and sales, investment and other fields.

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