"Taizhou Manufacturing" Helps C919 Domestic Large Aircraft Dream Blue Sky

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On May 5th, China C919 has completely independent intellectual property rights and was the first to develop in accordance with the latest international airworthiness standards. The first flight of success. This is a major historic breakthrough in the Chinese aviation industry.

The reporter learned that in this high-profile "big country", there is also the prestige of Taizhou.

It is reported that the C919 domestic aircraft applied advanced materials on a large scale, among which the third-generation aluminum-lithium alloy materials and advanced composite materials in the C919 body structure usage reached 8.8% and 12% respectively, while the tooling mold provided By Zhejiang Huarong Aviation Equipment Co., Ltd. It is the composite molding process equipment.

<;We are one of the major suppliers of C919 domestic aircraft composite material technology equipment. Composite tooling as the key support for the production of composite parts can provide the necessary guarantee for production. & quoquo; Liu Zhenxing, executive vice president of the company, Said.

The composite molding tool provided by the company is an internationally advanced Invar steel material mold, which can effectively guarantee the dimensional accuracy and molding quality of composite materials.

"Infrared steel has a very good dimensional stability due to its extremely low coefficient of thermal expansion and its ability to maintain a fixed length over a wide temperature range. However, the processing technology of Yinwa Steel is complicated, and the tooling on the C919 Liu Zhenxing told reporters that thanks to a complete set of advanced equipment, they have been at the domestic leading level in the design and Manufacture of large steel plate frame composite molding tools, and special materials used in aircraft such as titanium alloy, INVAR (Invar) Steel), etc., has a mature processing technology, they can achieve the overall tooling accuracy of 0.1 mm, to meet The high-precision use requirements of aircraft parts.

The reporter learned that the vertical tail of the aircraft is referred to as the vertical tail and is installed at the rear of the fuselage. Its function is similar to that of the horizontal tail. It is used to maintain the stability of the aircraft in flight And control its flight attitude. This also makes the control of the tail-tailing process particularly important.

In addition, Taizhou companies integrate the design and manufacture of molds, tools, fixtures and inspection tools for aerospace and military products. , won the large-scale traffic development in 2013, "Kunpeng", "collaboration support award". After a while, Zhejiang Huarong Aviation Equipment Co., Ltd. also developed the first "space simulation station" in China, equipment - — Core cabin rotating tooling front frame drive system, at the same time, domestic mainstream carrier Aerospace defense equipment such as satellites and satellites such as fighters, transport aircraft, and early warning aircraft can also be seen on the company's "shadow".