Intelligent hardware machine tools drive domestic manufacturing into the core era

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As one of the most important equipments in the processing and manufacturing of industrial equipment, machine tools are constantly moving towards intelligence. CNC machine tools are the first to combine precision manufacturing technology with related technologies, computer hardware and software technology, and compatible with network technology Creating the development of human intelligent production tools. When the CNC machine tool gradually has logic judgment and teaching function through the numerical control device, the intelligent feature begins to receive more attention.
Intelligent machine tools are machine tools that make judgments and decisions about the manufacturing process. After learning the entire manufacturing process, intelligent machine tools can monitor, diagnose and correct various types of deviations that occur during production. And can provide solutions for optimizing production. Addition, the remaining life of the cutting tools, spindles, bearings and guides used can be calculated, allowing the user to know the remaining time and the replacement time.

The emergence of intelligent machine tool has created conditions for the future equipment manufacturing industry to achieve full production automation. The intelligent machine tool can improve the machining accuracy and efficiency of the machine tool by automatically suppressing vibration, reducing thermal deformation, preventing interference, automatically adjusting The amount of lubricating oil, and reducing noise. For the further development of integrated manufacturing systems, the level of automation of a single machine tool can greatly reduce the workload of people in managing machine tools.

Intelligent machine tools enable people to have more energy and time to solve complex problems outside the machine tool, and further develop intelligent machine tools and intelligent systems. The development and innovation of numerical control system has played an extremely important role in the intelligentization of machine tools It can store a large amount of information, store, analyze, process, judge, adjust, optimize and control various information. Intelligent machine tools also have important functions such as: fixture database, dialog programming, tool path inspection, process time analysis, Start time analysis, actual machining load monitoring, machining navigation, adjustment, optimization, and adaptive control.

The development of information technology and its integration with traditional machine tools have made the machine tools develop in the direction of digitalization, integration and intelligence. The application space of digital manufacturing equipment, digital production lines and digital factories will be more and more large; Technology is used to realize the intelligent decision making, process adaptive control, error compensation intelligent control and complex surface processing motion trajectory under multi-information fusion. Features such as optimized control, fault self-diagnosis, intelligent maintenance, and information integration will greatly improve Forming and machining accuracy and improve manufacturing efficiency. CNC machine tools need to strengthen the intelligent judgment of information.

Intelligent development is a favorable development for constraint control. Intelligent technology can be used to monitor the status and reaction of processing in real time. Later used to be constraint control. Later, when it arrived in Japan, it became intelligent control. This is actually a concept.

The intelligent control of the machine tool puts forward higher requirements for the numerical control system. This requires the numerical control system not only to be open, inclusive and certain secondary development characteristics, but also to the CNC system interface according to the user's individualized requirements for Its functions. Universality and forward-looking also raise high expectations.

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