South China Manufacturing Industry Opens, 2017 Shenzhen Machinery Exhibition kicks off

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March 29 morning, a high-profile manufacturing event in South China - The 18th Shenzhen International Machinery Manufacturing Exhibition The meeting (SIMM 2017) was grandly opened at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. This exhibition continues the tradition of the past, according to customer needs, the scope of the display, focus on "smart manufacturing", attract more than 1,100 well-known enterprises at home and abroad The exhibition was further consolidated by bringing new product ideas and technological services to the advanced manufacturing industry. As a role in the development of the industry. As the most influential industrial brand exhibition in South China, Shenzhen Machinery Exhibition has been closely following the market development. This year's The show will add new carbide parts and hardware fasteners And carry a variety of scientific and innovative products and technologies in the fields of metal processing, mold materials, industrial measurement, automation applications, robotics, tools and tools. ; Stack up” Debut.

In 2017, it was confirmed as Shenzhen City & Quality Quality Improvement Year. SIMM and Shenzhen Metrology and Quality Inspection Institute will jointly create "Quality China", special exhibition area and series of activities will become the exhibition. The biggest highlight. Around the national quality foundation, advanced quality technology programs and national policy orientation, through the exploration of nuanced product quality issues, the audience will move to Chinese manufacturing High-end shows different paths.

The update of a single device can not meet the overall needs of the development of "smart manufacturing", the combination of hardware and software technology has been the trend. Yamazaki Mazak, FANUC, Siemens, Mitsubishi Electric, Dazu and other domestic and foreign Industry giants have brought advanced system integration equipment; and Hexagon, GF processing program, and Die Debao's cross-border alliance The people's eyes shine brightly, and their integrated intelligent manufacturing integration solutions based on the mold manufacturing industry not only bring breakthroughs for the transformation and Upgrade of manufacturing enterprises, but also promote the development of “Intelligent Manufacturing” by more industry elites. .

In addition, during the exhibition, a series of colorful and diverse industry summits and academic salons will be held under the theme of <;Quality China” and “Smart Manufacturing”. Topics include manufacturing quality base, intelligent network and intelligent production, collaborative Robot application, sheet metal automation, smart stamping technology, mold intelligent production, 3D printing applications and other manufacturing industry chain categories, State Council counselors, advanced manufacturing companies And dozens of domestic and foreign authoritative experts to share their unique insights on their fields. /p>

From the perspective of foreseeing the company's development direction, Shenzhen Machinery Exhibition constantly explores the actual needs of customers and strives to absorb the SIMM platform. The most representative companies, the most advanced products and the most creative ideas, the supply and demand sides can communicate directly. Promote the development of the industrial economy.