Progress in China's machine tool skills and focus on cooperation

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The machine tool industry is a technology-led industry that is hailed as the most typical and basic equipment industry. The main long-term goal of machine tool manufacturing technology has always been to increase productivity and quality.

The machine tool industry is a technology-led industry that is hailed as the most typical and basic equipment industry. However, although the entire machine tool industry is growing rapidly, the development of high-end functional components and CNC systems is still lagging behind. The level of manufacturing technology of machine tool enterprises is uneven and the manufacturing capacity is weak. Many people in the industry lament: "Compared with advanced developed countries, our gap is still obvious, especially the lack of core technology with independent intellectual property rights, research and development Innovative ability is weak. The main long-term target technology of the machine tool manufacturing industry has always been the way to improve productivity and processing quality. However, in recent years,With increasing environmental awareness and increasing natural resources Shortages, the efficient use of energy and resources in the production process and the reduction of pollution play an increasingly important role in machine tool design concepts. Improving the skills and skills of the machine tool industry as soon as possible is an important task. In such a large environment, the machine tool industry and companies have established skills-based strategies. The purpose of the skills-based strategy is very clear, that is, combined with the skills and advantages of their respective companies, to demonstrate the strength of the industry's technical elite, set special issues, focus on skills Bottlenecks, and develop skills collaboration for skills development and skill difficulty in the user industry. , open up the frontiers of different skills and improve the skills and skills of different skills.

The cooperation of strategic emerging property focuses on the cooperation of key skills. At present, the problem of the development of China's strategic emerging property is that the focus of the skills is very little grasped. The product enters the market and there are many stagnations. To accelerate the cultivation and growth of strategic new property, it is necessary to take the scientific and technological innovation as the middle. The essential.      

 At present, China's machine tool industry's output value has won the championship position. China's machine tool industry's total industrial output value is also expected to exceed the 500 billion yuan mark. It can be said that the five years of the "Twelfth Five -Year" is the golden five years of the development of China's machine tool industry. Experts said that industry associations will regard technological innovation as a strategic measure to promote industrial upgrading, engineering transformation as an important means to improve the level of industrialization, and the Development of manufacturing technology service industry as an important direction to foster new growth points, and promote independent innovation of enterprises. Guide key industry key enterprises to play a leading role in technological progress and industry development.

The rapid development of the machine tool industry is closely linked to the support of the national government. As the mother machine of the equipment industry, the attention of the society has created an unprecedentedly good development environment for the development of the CNC machine tool industry. In the "National Medium- and Long-Term Science and Technology Development Plan (2006~2020)" and "Several Opinions of the State Council on Accelerating the Revitalization of Equipment Manufacturing Industry", CNC machine tools have also gained a In 2006, the State Council established the High-end CNC Machine Tool and Basic Manufacturing Equipment Leading Group> to plan the development of CNC machine tools. On October 24 of the same year, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the National Defense Science and Technolog y Commission, the Ministry of Finance, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Engineering Institute and other departments jointly held the first working conference on the development of high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment.